The Biodiversity of Costa Rica at your fingertips

Never before finding species of Costa Rica had been easier. Browse through the “Map”, “Areas”, “Species”, and “Did You Know?” icons, where you can find biodiversity of our country at a single touch.

Touit is a quick guide for those interested in learning more about biodiversity, allowing users to view information of about 500 species that are easily seen in the country, including images, text, distribution maps and georeference.

The name of this app is inspired by Touit costarricenses, an endangered bird that flies along the Talamanca Mountain Range. This parrotlet, as well as our application, is 100% Costa Rican and also has a very appealing name.


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Touit Functions

  • Map

    Touit can geolocate you anywhere in the country. You can find out which species you can potentially see around you, by clicking on the map to explore more areas of the country.

  • Areas

    Find the most important sites, relevant facts, species and unique pictures of our country.

  • Species

    Browse within groups of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, spiders, scorpions, and fungi, and learn about their most important details.

  • Did you know?

    Get to know and learn about the most important facts of Costa Rican biodiversity.

  • Groups

    Explore the biodiversity of our country by navigating in your favorite group, select the species and learn about it, besides you can challenge Touit just place the common or scientific name and discovered mor

  • Favorites

    What are your favorite species?, Select the star icon to create a list of favorite species.


What size are the quadrants in the map section?
Why do species appear in the great metropolitan area?
How do I advertise my company on Touit?
Does it make sense to update the application every time it asks me to do so?
Where does the information for each species come from?
What are the minimum requirements to install this application?

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